Thursday, December 20, 2007

Let It Snow

Just documenting a portion of my collection of snowmen. Yes, I did say portion, although this is the greater part of my collection unless you count all of the stuffed snowmen I have received over the years. The last photo is my annual gift from my friend Gail in Arkansas. (You can also see it hanging behind the tree.) Every year we give each other something. We try to make it handmade but not always. The past 2 years we've done pretty well with the handmade part. I will post what I made her later this week. I need to make sure she sees it first in person because I know she stops by here to check on me.

The basic overview above.

An okay picture of the tree. My DH bought lighthouse lights the other day and couldn't find a spot he like for them so they ended up on my "snowman" tree. Next year they will have to find another home.

A close up of the right side.

My 2007 snowman gift. Isn't he cute? With the ice and snow we've had in the Chicago area I imagine the snowmen here definitely need their overcoats.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Time for Some Holiday Cheer

The month of December is always busy and I hope to get up some holiday things I'm working on as well as receiving but in the meantime please enjoy this entertaining a cappella and untraditional version of the Twelve Days of Christmas from a group of singers from Indiana University. (If you listen closely you can find a little Hanukkah in it too.)