Thursday, June 26, 2008

Movie Week - The Kid's Out of Town

My darling daughter has been spending this week with her grandparents and cousins. After I finished my latest article over at Craft Critique it was finally quiet and relaxing for me and my hubby. We devoted one night out to dinner at Wildfire where we enjoyed dinner without taking a trip to the bathroom. See, my daughter loves to check out every bathroom in every restaurant we go to which makes us not want to go to too many dinners out.

Even though it is like a mini-vacation in the evening we still have to go to work the next day so we have mostly been catching up on movies and we never get to see movies, especially more adult-themed movies. We chose Panic Room because we both like Jodi Foster and we were both terribly disappointed in this movie. It had a horrible ending and the whole movie was just dark and I mean as in lighting not genre. My husband got to choose a couple, Mr. Woodcock and Superbad. These are basically primal guy humor movies but I ended up liking in the end especially Mr. Woodcock (couldn't they given him some other name, though). Basically it's about a PE teacher from hell and one of his geeky students who comes home 13 years later to find his mom dating said PE teacher. Here's a video clip of one of the funny parts (at least to me):

I picked the last 2 and I chose Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2. I had already seen the first one by myself right after it came out on video but was amazed at the stuff I either missed the first time or didn't remember. I really like Quentin Tarantino movies because they are so far over the top. I found a video of Beatrix (played by Uma Thurman) mixed with Eye of the Tiger from Rocky fame that is not too violent and mostly shows her being trained by a Kung Fu master. Also, after seeing Kung Fu Panda made it more interesting especially in the fight scene below she uses Tiger Crane method of Kung Fu. Plus, I love movies where women are the strong heroines.

Now I'm ready to watch some fluffy, romantic comedy. Got any ideas? I rarely get the chance to see movies so I value the opinions of friends who've enjoyed them already.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Crazy Month of June

Wow, I really thought June was going to be a relaxing month now that I have Friday's off from work but I was so wrong. Fridays have become the day to get all those errands done and take care of personal business like doctor's and dentist's appointments.

I also was busy getting a couple of articles done for Craft Critique. On June 2 my article about the Sulky Universal Storage Box that stores sewing thread was published. Today the article was my experiments with Jacquard's Dye-Na-Flow. This last article took me a while to accomplish as I tried to cover a lot of what this paint can do. Please check them out as well as the many other articles. Craft Critique is producing a lot more articles on oodles of goodies out in the craft world.