Thursday, January 11, 2007

Joining the Needle Punch Bandwagon

Okay, I've finally finished my first needle punch (or punchneedle) attempt. I won't call it a project because I still need to do something with it. I am trying very hard this year to do "finished projects" so I've been thinking of putting this on a tote bag so I can show I finally did it!

The thing is I had been eyeing needle punch for a couple of years now. My first look at this technique or at least the miniature version of it that is so popular now at Back Door Quilts in Greenwood, IN. I say this version because my mother used to do needle punch with rug yarns when I was very young. I still have her needle, the DE LUXE RUG NEEDLE No. 90 from the Columbia Minerva Company. Check out Iva Rose Vintage Reproductions to see examples of the patterns they produced. I am going to continue to research them to see if I can find the instructions on how to use this needle. Feel free to contact me if you have any information on this tool.

Anyway, as I was saying before I took a trip down memory lane, I really have been wanting to try this for a long time. The quilt stores I visited at the time had the supplies, patterns and plenty of beautiful samples but the closest I could get to a class was a demonstration always done when I couldn't go, of course. Everyone I met who was doing this kept saying how easy it is to do. Finally, this past fall at the Greater Chicago Quilt Exposition, I found the needle I wanted which a new stitching friend had showed me how it worked. The great folks at Country Threads helped me out with the needle and the very necessary hoop.

Now, I go home with my prized possession ready to get to work. It was a complete disaster. My fabric was too tightly woven at least I thought that was my problem. I go on the Internet in search for a tutorial. Nothing really helps me except for... I finally see (I think I was blinded from my excitement) that weavers cloth is what you need to use. I go back to Country Threads online now because they are not in town anymore and I order the fabric. In the meantime, my best friend from Arkansas sends me her yearly Christmas package and inside is the cutest, darned NEEDLE PUNCH, ornament (see photo below). She has finished one before I have even really begun! And look, she even used different levels of thread as wells as cut and brush the scarf and earmuffs.

I feel I can't wait any longer to accomplish my task of learning this craft. I can no longer procrastinate. One problem, it's the holidays. There is no time to sit down and play with my toys. The holidays pass (they were very good BTW) and I get to do my project. Please see my photo and if you made it through my story, thanks for listening.


NormaH said...

You're a quick learner with the needlepunch. I bought a kit a year ago but haven't really had time to work with it yet. Love your red hat!!!!!

Sarah Moore said...

cool! I hope you bring this tomorrow!

sunshine said...

very cute!! I also answered your question on kissing balls on my blog take care sunshine

Wormie said...

Uh oh! I've never heard of needlepunch - it it my next addiction? What is it? The finished products are great!

Donna said...

Wormie, it is also called Punch Needle or Russian Punch Needle, Sunshine Creations has some good examples on her site at
Be sure to check out her daughters work.