Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Grandmother's Flower Garden Update

I haven't had much time to sit down and write a whole lot and have only been doing the minimum in the craft department. I thought I would share a picture of my progress on the grandmother's flower garden pattern. It's becoming very colorful and seeing it laid out makes me wish to work on it more. Too bad I have to work for health insurance and as well as more craft supplies.

Also, here is a photo of the nearly completed Trump Tower in downtown Chicago. We were down there last weekend. My photo doesn't nearly show how awesome the weather was. It has been a really cool summer over all this year which makes it great to go just walk around.

And, of course we had to go shopping although it was mostly window shopping and my daughter enjoyed the Lego store. She's not into Legos but since she got to be one of the first kids to go to the first indoor Legoland with her summer camp she does like to to look at the very large creations people come up with. Here she is sitting with a Lego-man outside the store.

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IamSusie said...

From that angle, the Trump Tower looks like the Sears Tower with rounded edges.

Those Lego sculptures are great aren't they?