Sunday, May 31, 2009

Craft Show

Unfortunately, emailing my picture to post mobile didn't work. But, here is a photo from the show I took with my new cell phone. Not the greatest picture because I had to email it to myself. I think once I get a new data disk for the phone and I learn to use it just a little better then I will be able to do this the way you're suppose to.

It was the first year for the show in Elgin, IL to raise funds for a friends pre-school. I sold a few things including the poncho that was displayed by my daughter on one of her stuffed animals. If you look closely you can see her peeking out kind of like ET between 2 stuffed animals. Most of my items are left over fleece items that my sister and I did together. I did add some new pet beds and a couple of blankets. I'm looking for new ideas for fleece because I have a lot of it left.

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IamSusie said...

You sold a lot more than me and a Martha!