Friday, April 6, 2007

Dritz InnerFuse Article is Published at Craft Critique

I almost forgot to tell you that my latest review article, Dritz InnerFuse Double-sided Fusible Interfacing, was published over at Craft Critique. I had written it some time ago and was waiting for its debut before discussing it. It wouldn't have been any fun to tell you about something that you wouldn't be able to go take a look.

You will be able to see my first fabric bowl and my first fabric postcard. The bowl if you look closely is a little lopsided but I think the black fringe helps out. (You can get a peek at the bowl in my flickr gallery in the side bar near the bottom). And, my postcard is a little plain but still pretty cute. I just learned how to do them at the Sewing Smorgasbord I went to a couple of weeks ago. There are so many ways to embellish them and I plan on making some more because they are so much fun and a pretty quick project to do that you can share with someone. They would make great swap items.

You can also check out my tote bag I did earlier which introduced me to InnerFuse. It makes a great side pocket on a bag that doesn't sag. So make sure you go check it out the full article.

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Lisa Knight said...

Great article. I made a few fabric bowls a while back, when our shop got the new TimTex in... It was expensive & I used every inch of it. I even made a tiny 4" square bowl & used some for the bottom of a lunch sack! I didn't have the fusible stuff when I made the first bunch that was extra. I'm going to have to check out this stuff, I'd love to make some more...I'd love to try the furry stuff!!!