Monday, July 9, 2007

Last Week Was Vacation Week

Last week we actually took the whole week off work and did vacation stuff but we didn't really leave town. We decided we didn't want to spend all that time in a car (especially with gas prices) when we live near one of the greatest cities in the U.S., Chicago!

Although, we really only spent one day downtown we did enough in that one day that could have been spread out over a few days. After that we lounged by our association pool and visited the park districts pools and water park. Now my daughter is ready for a real water park with more than 3 slides. 6 year olds tend to get bored quickly, that is until you say we aren't going anywhere else then the local place is perfect.

Our day downtown consisted mostly of Navy Pier where we went to the Children's Museum, the Amazing Chicago Funhouse, ate at the Billy Goat Tavern (famous for the curse on the Cubs), rode the famous Ferris Wheel, and took a boat trip on Lake Michigan. We also dipped our feet into freezing Lake Michigan at nearby Ohio Beach. We also managed to hop on a free trolley from the Pier to the Magnificient Mile along Michigan Avenue where we visited the famous American Girl Store (luckily daughter didn't take much interest), the Hershey Chocolate store and had an awesome chocolate cupcake, and a few other places. Our only regret in our trip was the Children's Museum. If you want to go to a really nice children's museum for the money go the the Indianapolis Children's Museum or Wonderlab in Bloomington, IN.

The pictures on the page are from our trip downtown. One is my daughter in the cold water with Chicago in the background - the tallest building is the Hancock building. The other picture is her in front of one of the art pieces displayed along Michigan Avenue. The current collection are fashion inspired pieces using a dress form shape. This one was called Metamorphosis. There was a cocoon also but the streets were just too busy to keep stopping for photos.
There is so much to do here that we have a hard time deciding what's next. We've only lived here about 2 years and are just now getting to explore downtown really well. One thing I would recommend to do if you come to town for a few days during baseball season is to get tickets to Wrigley field. I've been to both the Sox and Cubs games but you can't beat the old time atmosphere at Wrigley.

Oh, I did observe one crafy thing at the Children's Museum, a collection of quilts made by kids for peace. I discussed them over at my quilting blog, Vertical Quilting Curve.


IamSusie said...

In a couple weeks when my kids get done with summer school and camp, I'm taking them into Chicago too.

I recommend the Garfield Park Conservatory which has what is supposed to be a great, kid friendly sculpture installation in the gardens. We also want to go to Millennium park and splash in the fountain.

I don't care if my kids don't really want to, but My mom always took us as kids to the Art Institute, so we hope to squeeze that in too, along with the Adler Planetarium.

Lesalicious said...

I hope your vacation went well. I was looking though your blog and see you have some great hobbies.
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