Friday, July 18, 2008

I Met the Crafty Chica

Okay, I've always liked a little bit of glitter (more so as a kid) but never thought I would find myself enjoying it so much as an adult. Meeting and crafting with the Crafty Chica changed my mind. During my visit at the Duncan booth today at CHA I got to sit down with her and make a pair of fun earrings. I really liked the glitter. It was very fine and she was able to make her own colors for her glitter line. I'm glad she was able to. The design of the margaritas was part of a selection I got to cut out. Her husband designed the artwork. I will have to wear these to my next Jimmy Buffet concert.

Her favor for the show which is shown with the earrings is a Mexican fortune cookie. Click on the photo to get a more detailed look.

Also, don't forget about checking Craft Critique for more detailed updates and also I will have another craft celebrity I met today here on my blog tomorrow. Hint: She has a sewing PBS show.

1 comment:

Kathy Cano-Murillo, The Crafty Chica said...

Thank you so much for visiting the booth!! And for testing out the goods!!! Hope you have a super week!
Peace, love and glitter,
Kathy :-)