Saturday, July 19, 2008

More Brushes with Crafting Celebrities

Yesterday I told you I got to meet one of the most prolific people in the craft world at CHA. Well here I am with Nancy Zieman. She was at the Clover booth and demonstrated her new product that Clover is producing. The cool part was it was just me and her. I felt like a guest student on her show. The product is a template for making handbags. As soon as I get through all my stuff from CHA I will find the video demonstration to post to show you all how it works.

Also, I stopped by the 10-minute challenge with TLC's While You Were Out Mark Montano. He is promoting his book Big-Ass Book of Crafts. I've only skimmed the book but it seems like there are some updated Good Houskeeping crafts from the 60's. I'm just glad crafts have become so popular but I'm sure us crazy crafty people would find a way to do it ourselves.

Don't forget to stop by Craft Critique for the latest updates on CHA. I have an article up on the new jewelry pendants I found around the show floor.

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