Tuesday, January 9, 2007

I've Got the Blogging Bug

I am so impressed lately with all the blogging going on out there in the Internet world. Like I said before I've read blogs and participated on message boards and tried out a few Internet groups but I became busy with real life (my daughter and my job) and really stopped exploring the Internet with the exception of shopping at Amazon or ToysRUs and of course, a few craft sites.

Then one evening I decided to see what was going on at MeetUp.com. I'm still fairly new to the area I live in and wanted to see if I could find people with similar interests. I got lucky and found a group of people just starting a craft group in the same town I live. Sarah the organizer has a couple of blogs. One is her main blog, Stampstars and the other is for anyone who has ever experienced a crafting accident appropriately named Craft Accident. She published a story I sent her that anyone who has used a rotary cutter can appreciate. That gave me the blogging bug.

I love reading the different blogs out there especially when I feel a connection to the writer. I found that blogs involving arts and crafts tend to be the most socially interesting with a strong sense of community and with the least amount of negativity. I know that is mostly due to being able to moderate comments but I think crafters are some of the most supportive and honest people. Crafters are also very helpful. For example, if you are new to the blog world, Sharon B's blog, inaminuteago, shares her experience of 3 years of blogging. I found this as a great reference to help those new to blogging whether reading or writing. And then, there is the endless number of tutorials on blogs. You can find out everything from how to make a peasant skirt at Whip Up to get out of debt by someone who is working through the process with her Blogging Away Debt site.

Now it's time to go use some of the information I've learned. Hope you enjoyed reading and please let me know of any interesting places you've learned from and find that you just can't live without.

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