Friday, March 2, 2007

My Crafting Wishlist

Can one ever have enough stuff or gadgets? As I have been re-energizing my self into my love of crafting I find things I need. Well, okay maybe not exactly need buy definitely some strong wants.

I am currently working on a photo layout of my daughter's Christmas portraits. I used my new Cutterpede paper trimmer to cut the rectangles for the matting but I had to use a ruler and exacto knife to cut the opening. If only I had one of those cool paper punches to easily cut the hole in one fluid movement I would be done a lot sooner.

This got me to thinking about all the things I want to have within easy reach to make my crafting better and more efficient. Here is my list. What would you put on yours?

  • A new fancy, schmancy sewing machine with decorative stitches. I love my old machine (my mom bought it for me 15 years ago) but I really want to be able to add different stitches to jazz up my projects.
  • Embroidery machine. Again I would love to do some embellishing especially for customizing our wardrobes and home decor.
  • One of those quilt frames where you don't have to baste your layers together. Since I don't have a quilt frame at all this would eliminate my reasons for not quilting my big quilt tops.
  • Long arm quilting machine. I would have even fewer reasons for not finishing quilts and it would be much easier than machine quilting on my regular sewing machine. Plus, these machines would have as Tim Allen would say "More Power (insert grunting sounds)."
  • Better digital camera. I love photography and love to put photos in my crafts no matter what medium.
  • Better color printer. I really need this. I bought a cheapo just to get by when my good one died. I haven't done any memory quilts or photo crafts since.
  • A knitting machine. I just learned how to knit but I want things faster darn it. It could help out with bags I want to felt.
  • A nice looking OTT floor lamp. I have a small portable one but it just doesn't work in the living room very well.
  • Oh, and a new house so I can fit everything in it without taking over the living room, the dining room, the bedroom, the garage, etc.

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