Friday, May 25, 2007

Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend!

I am so glad its Friday and a holiday weekend at that! So far mine is off to a great start especially compared to a week ago when we had to go to the ER with our daughter and spend the weekend there for her to rehydrate. Last night we attended Kindergarten graduation and she is officially a first grader and we celebrated by going to her favorite place for pizza, Garibaldi's. It was a good tasting cheese only but at least cheap compared to real Chicago pizza that I love.

Don't forget that today is Memorial Day, a day to remember those who died serving our country. Also, look out for veterans selling poppies to help raise money for disable and hospitalized veterans. Without getting into politics I would like to say this is a very important cause to support the men and women who willingly put themselves in danger answering a call most of us don't have to. My father and both brothers served in the military but luckily did not need the use of the medical facilities although they covered WWII, Vietnam and the Cuban Missile Crisis. One of my strongest memories of my childhood is how my mother would make sure she went to town to buy her little paper poppy on poppy days. You can learn more about the story of the poppies that hospitalized veterans make by clicking here.

Have a fun and happy weekend!

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Summer said...

I wanted to say congrats! You won the Fairy Chronicles Books. :) Email me your adress and I'll ship them, and the seeds, right out to you.