Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hobbies Are the "In" Thing

It seems everywhere I turn these days there is information on having a hobby or getting one if you don't already have a leisure time activity. The Digerati Life blog about money and other things has a great article on how to have a less expensive hobby - The Perfect Hobby: One That’s Cheap, Makes Money Or Becomes A Business.

Of course this would be awesome if it could work that way for crafters especially quilters and knitters who love to have the "stash". One of the comments on this article addresses this because of the advice of only "pick up what you need." I have yet to meet a crafter who can walk out of a store with only what they need for a project and then if they do it usually means they forgot something and will have to go back or make due if possible.

There is also the question if it becomes a business, is it still a hobby? I hope someday to be lucky enough to incorporate what I love to do with what I need to sustain an income. For now it would just be nice to break even.

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