Monday, February 12, 2007

Crop-a-Dile and Craft Critique

I have some exciting news. I have joined a group of craft reporters that will be reviewing different craft products on a new blog called Craft Critique. I am very excited to be a part of this new venture and can't wait to fully participate in all the upcoming critiques.

The first critique is done. It is a scrapbooking tool called the Crop-a-Dile. This thing means business. Wait till you see what it can do for hole punching and setting eyelets. I haven't used it yet but from the reviews from those who have, it makes me want to go out and get one. I have non-scrapbooking ideas for it. Scrapbooking is not one of my crafts...yet. From what I've heard it is very addictive and I do have plans to do some. I do have a sweet little girl and lots of pictures sitting either in a box or a computer file. Hope you stop by and check Craft Critique out.