Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Valentine's Quilt - More Than for Just One Day

Today is Valentine's Day and it's almost over. It was a very cold and wintry day here in the suburbs of Chicago and we still had to go to work and school. My project I'm showing today I technically finished it last week because I finally put the hanging sleeve on the back. But, I actually made it several years ago when I was just getting started in quilting. I can't even remember what book I got it out of. I think it was one that had nothing but heart related projects. It was one of the first quilt projects I ever did. This is the first year I actually hung it in my home to celebrate Valentine's Day and the month of February. I like to celebrate the holiday until the last day of the month. It is definitely worth more than one day especially when we are too busy to put everything we would like to do in just one day and when the day after is my daughter's birthday! She is, after all, my favorite Valentine's gift.

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Colleen Schaan said...

What a great quilt! I never got into quilting, but I sure would love to when I see projects like this!