Friday, February 2, 2007

The Mother of Valentine Cards

I found an amazing historical video on the Hallmark website today. It is the amazing story of Esther Howland who made and sold handcrafted Valentines in the 1840's. You will be stunned by the creativity of this Massachusetts woman whose father owned a stationery store. Her cards sold for $5-$10 and her yearly sales were over $50,000. Can you imagine? I haven't made many cards but I think I will get my stamps, lace and fibers out and see what my daughter and I can come up with.


Qtpies7 said...

Wow, thats interesting! I can't imagine paying that NOW, even. I'd sure like to make that much on a card, though, lol.
I came across your site on The Moms Blog.

Anon For Everything said...

Thanks for the suggestions on the sites where I can find info on where to start with this moneymaking stuff, I will definetly look at those sites after work today! Also I may be starting a blog about eBaying and I noticed you have some eBay stuff you sell (I don't sell anything right now) so I will give you the heads up when I do and maybe I can feature something of yours! All of us who are working on paying down our debt have to stick together!