Monday, February 19, 2007

New Review at Craft Critique for the Cuttlebug

The biggest problem with making friends with fellow crafters is you add more things to your wish list. Today it is the Cuttlebug. Way back when scrapbooking was just getting started there were very few tools to cut and emboss your shapes for your pages which may have been why I could not just get into it then. If this had been around I may have worn it out. Plus it's so darn cute. Don't these companies come up with the most whimsical names? Last review was on the Crop-a-Dile. There is also something called Purple Cow that may be coming up soon. Can't wait to see those reviews because when I hear Purple Cow I think of yummy milkshakes at this great little restaurant in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Special Note: Make sure you watch the video in the review because if you don't know much about die cutters (like me) you will understand the concept a little more.

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