Sunday, February 18, 2007

A Birthday Cake Fit for a Princess

It's been a busy weekend. My daughter's 6th birthday party was this weekend. We traveled to my in-laws about a 3 hours drive away where she could get together with her one cousin who lives there and another one who also came in from out of state. We left on Friday morning so I could get the cake made and get some rest before the big day.

Every year she picks out a cake she would like. This year she picked out the doll cake pan the Wilton Wonder Mold. Although it makes a cute cake it would not be enough for the number of people who would be at the party so I used a 12" round pan to make a big 2 layer cake on the bottom. The doll dress was a Pillsbury Funfetti cake mix and the base was a Duncan Hines Moist Dark Chocolate Fudge mix. YUM!

She wanted the doll to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Usually I get to use a picture or pattern from the Wilton pan as a guide but not this year. I simply mixed up my batch of yellow icing and starting doing a dress. I used a #47 basket weave tip upside down to make long strips of yellow for the dress. I darkened the yellow icing and used a #103 petal tip to make ruffles down the sides and along the bottom of the dress. I switched to rose colored icing to make rosettes using a #16 star tip and a #4 large star tip for the bottom shell border. I also used some of the yellow to make some polka dots on the bottom cake. Then I was running out of icing (I made all the icing without color before leaving home) so I just added a couple of rosettes to the dress and sprinkled on some shiny pink sugar crystals. All the icing was made with the buttercream recipe from the Wilton decorating books. It took me about 2 hours to do the decorating but mostly because I was making up the design as I went instead of following a plan and because I had to wait for some of the cake to cool off. It's a lot tougher to make a cake outside my own kitchen. Luckily I have my own cake tool box for my major decorating supplies.

The cake was a hit but so were the special crowns I made for the 3 girls from $1 foam crowns from Michaels and $1 foam purses my daughter made. We used pastel glitter glue and a few sequins. See the photo of the lovely models. Mine is the one on the right.

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